Everything you can imagine in a completely inconspicuous spy camera and more...


If you've ever changed a lightbulb, downloaded an app onto your phone, and connected any device to your household wifi, then you're set! That's all it takes. Sleek and sophisticated performance at your fingertips in minutes. We wouldn't have it any other way.

Polaris Spy Bulb Camera

Install the Spy Bulb

Screw in the bulb like you would any typical bulb. Use the complementary screw packet and bulb holder if needed.

Polaris Spy Bulb Camera

Download the App

The application is supported on Android and iOS. Find the app in under a minute with the user manual.

Polaris Spy Bulb Camera

Configure to the Wifi

Connect the device to your app through the wifi and follow the instructions in the user manual to get set up in under 3 minutes.


From the robust materials to the sophisticatedly designed circuit boards, every detail of the Polaris spy bulb combines beautiful engineering and meticulous craft.

High Resolution

960P HD images with a built-in IR-CUT module to guarantee no image distortion, improved color purity, and crisp images

Infrared Night Vision

The VR13D camera has greater visibility at night or in dim lighting using infrared waves that correct chromatic aberration

Powerful 360° Fisheye Lens

The device gives you a 360° view and the phone app supports 5 different viewing modes you can toggle between

2-Way Communication

Built-in microphone, audio processor, and speaker let you communicate with anyone on the other side of the bulb

Intelligent Motion Detector

You can remotely turn on the motion detection alarm to alert you when there's a break-in while recording the incident

3-Second Connection Setup

After connecting to the WiFi, the phone will quickly connect to the device before it's operational

Recording Storage

The device supports a memory card and can store surveillance audio and/or videos so you can watch the playback at any time

Fast Shipping & Delivery

Ships from the United States and is typically delivered within 4 days of ordering in most states of the US

Refund Policy

If the product you receive is not as described, you can ask for a full refund within 10 days of the order being delivered.

Phone Controlled Lighting

The bulb has 3 LED lights with 50,000 hours of life. You can turn it on and off from your mobile phone

Customer-Focused Service

Please contact us if the product is not as described. We will cover the return shipping of the device!

On-Time Delivery Guarentee

For deliveries in the US, you can ask for a full refund if your order isn't delivered within 10 days of purchase and whenever the product reaches, you can keep it!

Polaris Spy Bulb Camera
Polaris Spy Bulb Camera

Watch your Child Anytime

Baby monitor's have become outdated. Now you can watch your child and even record the surveillance videos to make sure your child is sleeping peacefully and can even make sure the babysitter is giving your child the care they deserve.

Polaris Spy Bulb Camera

Keep an Eye on the House

Worried about someone breaking into your house? Using the Polaris spy bulb, you can monitor your home and the app will automatically alert you when any motion is detected in your home. The video feed can also be stored for future reference.

Polaris Spy Bulb Camera

Prevent Pet Misbehavior

Wonder what your pet is doing at home while you're away? The wide angle, 960p HD resolution, and multiple view modes will allow you to watch your pet in real time. Now you can even keep your pet company and reprimand destructive behavior.

Polaris Spy Bulb Camera

Secure your Dorm Room

College dorm rooms are a common place of theft and vandalism. Disguise one of your lamp bulbs with Polaris to make sure your belongings remain safe and listen in on any malicious discussions happening without your knowledge.

2.9k+ Orders
Total bulbs ordered since inception.
20M+ Surveillance Hours
Polaris' Bulbs have captured millions of hours of footage.
150+ Countries
We deliver to almost any part of the world.

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Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send our fantastic support team an email at or message us using the chat on the bottom right.

Does it work in the dark?

Yes. The VR13D camera technology uses automatic switching IR-CUT infrared waves to improve clarity in low lighting and to deliver high resolution black-and-white recordings in very low lighting. If you notice that it’s still too dark wherever the bulb is installed, you can remotely adjust the lighting of the bulb to get a better look and leave it on for as long as you like. There’s also an Auto mode for lighting, which you can enable from your phone to allow the bulb to adjust its lighting in real time.

How many hours can I record with the bulb?

If you leave the bulb connected, you can record 24x7 and observe what’s happening in front of the bulb whenever you like by opening the app or by viewing the playback if you think you’ve missed something. If you’re recording a lot of footage, the bulb uses circular recording - which means that the recorded footage will be recorded over the old footage on the MicroSD card. This feature will reduce the required maintenance and keep your home & business secured.

Does the bulb record audio? Is there a fee for returns?

Yes it does. You can choose to hear real-time audio by toggling the audio button on your phone and the recordings stored on the MicroSD also record the audio if it was enabled on the app.In the unlikely event that you’re not content with the product, we will cover your return fees. Also remember that if you don’t receive your order within the promised delivery time, we will give you a full refund. And when the product reaches late, you can keep it!

Is it easy to notice that the bulb has a camera? In other words, how discrete is it?

It’s not easy to detect. Based on diligent UX testing, we have installed the bulb in desk lamps, ceiling fixtures, outdoor light sockets, kitchen pendant lights, and more. Users who do not expect that they are under surveillance detect the bulb in less than 3% of all cases. Users who are told there may or may not be a camera in the room do not notice the bulb in almost 90% of all cases because they typically search for CCTV wall or 360° ceiling cameras.

Does it work when the bulb is off? Does the bulb have to be on to work?

The bulb needs to be connected to a typical US bulb socket and the switch needs to be on for the bulb to be operational. There is a faint red light which will tell you when the bulb is operational (don’t worry, it’s very discrete). Note that the bulb can be in recording mode without the light of the bulb being switched on (sneaky, right?).

Can I store my recording on a cloud? If so, is it free?

Recordings are initially stored on the optional MicroSD card of the bulb and if you like, you can download a recording directly from the microSD card onto you computer or remotely download video footage to your phone and send it to other devices. There’s a ‘Mobile Storage’ section of the application which houses all your surveillance media so it’s easy to find.


Need more info? Please have a look at the tech specs. We’ve used the latest technology & quality materials.

Supported Mobile Devices

Lens Specs

Camera Features

Power Requirements


Recording Features


Storage Capacity

Additional Details

Mobile App

Connect your bulb to your wi-fi, then download the app to be connected and alert.

Polaris Spy Bulb CameraPolaris Spy Bulb Camera
Polaris Spy Bulb Camera